Instagram Stories: What it Means for Business

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People tend to fear or dread change, even though one of the few constants in life is change. A lot of the times, people can outright reject change without actually considering how they may be impacted by the change, be it positively or negatively. When Instagram rolled out their stories version, a lot of people were vehemently opposed to it, viewing it as a copy of Snapchat, but they’ve been coming around to it, and Instagram stories are now quite popular. Adopting the change can affect your business, as we explain below.

Behind the scenes showcasing: When a person uses Snapchat or Instagram stories, they upload unedited content with no (or very little) post-production. This means that brands get to showcase their raw, behind the scenes content, highlighting what makes them and their products unique. A lot of companies already have an active Instagram following, so the stories allow them to show a more personal side to their customers.
Low entry cost: Discovering a brand on Snapchat can be difficult, as there are no discover feeds or hashtags, meaning that you need to know the username of the person or company you want to follow. Instagram stories have allowed companies to lower their spending on converting their followers to Snapchat when they want to share a story.

Strategy for Success: You can use this new feature to your advantage, growing your audience on both platforms by doing a social media take-over. If you can do a take-over on another niche or account, you will be able to reach a new audience. Even though the gaining of followers may be slow, you will have long term success by applying this strategy. You must always look at this opportunity as a way of providing value to an audience, instead of a selling opportunity. That opportunity will come later after you’ve built trust.

Communicating with images: Human beings are very visual creatures, with a significant percentage of our brain being dedicated to visual processing. We are drawn to attention-grabbing images and can process them at a very high speed. Our brains are wired to react to bright colours, and our brain can recognize familiar images within 100 milliseconds. When you use social media to engage with your customers, adding an image means your post is ten times more likely at grabbing your audience’s interaction and gaining interaction.

Boost sales with quality product images: Good product photography is essential when you’re trying to persuade people to purchase your products. It is estimated that people remember around 80% of what they see and just 20% of what they read. The better your product photography, the better your sales. When dealing with product photography, there are some things that you need to consider. First, consider how many images you want to use, and keep the amount consistent with each product. A good recommendation is to use around three photos per product. The second thing to consider is to use your image to highlight the benefits of the product. One way to do this is to create life shots, showcasing people using or interacting with your product. The third thing to keep in mind is to showcase all styles and colours. This helps people see the variety of your products, and appeals to all tastes. The last thing is to make sure that your pictures are appealing. To make your products appealing, there are several tricks to consider, including the right lighting, a clear picture, a good angle and a proper background.

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