Fashion Label


At the beginning of my career, I found myself working with international brands like L’Oreal, Gemey Maybeline, Mennen and Wilkinson. Collaborating with large successful brands such as these gave me the idea that I should always keep up with the worlds of fashion, cosmetics and jewellery. 

I realised that best way to do this, was to generate my own fashion label and “Fughecci Iacopo” was born in 2002. It give me a blank canvas to explore and experiment without restriction. I started to design this brand and set myself the challenge of creating every aspect of the new label. I treated this personal project like a real customer.

ClientFughecci Iacopo
SkillsMulti Diciplined


My work on Fughecci Iacopo has given birth to some highly creative visuals as well as a full range of accessories from watches, glasses and bags to cosmetics, luxury pens and magazines. I created the interior design for a Fughecci Iacopo boutique and created complete fashion photo shoots.


From time to time, when innovative software become available, I will experiment with the new technique on Fughecci Iacopo. These test projects help me understand the potential of the new techniques and how they might be used to add value to clients’ live projects. Personally, I get the satisfaction of always evolving my skills and learning about my art. My clients benefit from richer creative ideas and the inspired use of state-of-the-art technology.