Gloves Off

Hustle, Hit & Never Quit


Regardless of your position in your chosen sport or if you’re a fan, we ALL want to win. When we leave the ice, the pitch, track, ring, arena or stadium, each and every one of us have our very own personal battles to overcome. Athletes around the world struggle to find help in these situations. This is due to the stigma that comes with mental health. Here at GLOVES OFF they are creating and building a brand which symbolizes courage and strength to help END THIS STIGMA! They supply quality, affordable & customizable garments to the entire sporting world. Their brand is ice-hockey inspired. It’s motivational and positive. It has meaning.

ClientGloves Off


Klaklak exceeded all client expectations through the crafting of a beautifully simple and intuitive brand, digital service & photography, aligning it with the astounding service GLOVES OFF is renowned for.


GLOVES OFF exposes young and pro Ice Hockey players to the importance of mental health for them to improve.