Premium Business portraiture

Kames Capital


The 93-strong investment team has a high average experience of 18 years. Having worked in varying market conditions, Kames people have the skill to make better investment decisions. And by hiring people with diverse backgrounds, Kames look at opportunities with a more rounded perspective and this deserves the perfect profile image created by Klaklak Studio.

ClientKames Capital
SkillsBusiness Portraiture


Over the years Kames have recruited many new employees. By constantly updating their digital strategy and print media, Kames have managed to gather inconsistent images for all their staff across Europe. as a result, the Kames images have different background, lighting, composition, colour profile. Klaklak has worked closely with the Kames Capital’s marketing team to understand and create a series of images to be used in their future digital and print campaign. 


We give Kames Capital the right solution and tools to allowed their Marketing team to manipulate the photograph to create in-house team composition of 2 or 3 people in the same document. Keeping control of the composition, light, colour profile and keep everything consistent.