Kames Capital

Specialist investment management


Kames Capital is a specialist investment management business. Based out of Edinburgh and London, they manage £50.1 billion (€60.3 billion) on behalf of the UK and international clients – including wealth managers, financial advisers, family offices, pension funds, financial institutions, government agencies, and individuals. Kames approached Klaklak as they wanted to have a way to video communicate with their worldwide customers efficiently.

ClientKames Capital
SkillsVideo business outlook


Kames was producing all their internal video in-house. This meant that the image and sound quality didn’t match the quality of Kames’ business outlook. They decided to contact Klaklak to improve their video communication to all their stakeholders. We worked with Kames to find the best way to capture their fund managers in clear HD video and ultra-clear sound. They also spent a significant amount of time recording each manager, as each one of them had to learn their script.


Using the latest Canon technology Klaklak dramatically improved the video quality and creating a constant office ambiance in all their videos, using our on-location lighting studio. To make the process easier, we used an iPad as a prompter, so it was easier for each manager to read the script. As a result, Klaklak created a stunning and engaging HD video business outlook, therefore increasing customer engagement and matching the quality of each manager outlook speech.