XCP is a modern, ISO 9001 certified company with an eco-friendly ethos. They have been making a positive global impact for the past 30 years, and they aim to continue to do that in the future.

Their ambitious goals include being committed to driving further improvements in sustainability and performance, releasing new eco-friendly products. They want their customers to know that they can be trusted to complete the job while aligning themselves to the highest possible manufacturing standards while protecting the environment.

Klaklak has supported XCPs goals and culture by producing CGI renditions of XCPs latest product range, giving the product a high-level finish result.

SkillsCGI 3D Graphics


XCP wanted to create CGI packaging for the new XCP bottle and trigger. In the past, making each packshot consistent has been difficult, as it’s hard to reflect and reproduce the right lighting, pixel quality, camera angle and shadow on a real object. With the use of CGI, Lewis could keep each rendering in the same light, pixel quality, camera angle, and shadow.


The integration of CGI in print and digital was made easier. The finished product had an excellent reflection and high pixel amount, making it suitable for a large print with high definition.